Star In My Mind

Released on “That’s How Dreams Go” in 2005 by Acquisotic

Composed, Recorded and Produced By Bruce Gombrelli

Is it all just a dream?
Is it everything
That you thought it might of been
So who do you think you are?
A philosopher or a Movie Star?

Don’t stress out
Don’t be sad
Don’t be anything but glad
Don’t be down
And never crash
You ain’t never gonna be the last
Don’t ever give up all your groove
It’s all in your attitude
Reach up higher than you can
It’s part of your master plan

Hey, Come on listen to me
Hey, Nothing comes for free

No misdirection
No despair, oh no
You can learn to love
If you learn to share (learn to share)
Look at the future
It’s clear and bright, yeah, yeah, yeah
And you want some love
I see it’s in sight, Today

Hey (What do you say)
Won’t you listen to me?
Hey, Nothing comes for free

Let’s Go
To the limit
Of what you know
To the sky
So right at the edge

Hey you gotta know
If my heart is made of gold
And I’m jumping on the ground
Like a clown at the afternoon show
(uh oh oh)

Don’t push me away
Like an old sack of hay
Cause you know the feelings for you
ain’t never gonna change

This verse is strange

[Lead Bridge]

Your star shines in my mind
Your star shines in my mind
Brightly down
It’s in your mind
Brightly shines
Within in your eyes

Lyrics copyright (c) by Acquisotic 2004