Gimme That Snow

Released on “That’s How Dreams Go” in 2005  by Acquisotic

Composed, performed and produced by Bruce Gombrelli

I look out my kitchen window
(there I go)
Oh and I don’t see no snow
(no snow)
All I see is it’s raining
I’m all pumped up but there’s no place to go
(Where do I go?)
So I’ll keep waxing and watching the show (hoh hoh)
Drink my coffee and I’ll sit tight
(I’ll sit and wait)
The weather report just don’t look good
(But still I wait) Oh Oh Oh

I see, you saw, it is it falls
right now common let’s go
strap on lock down give me no frown
Common lets ski tonight let go

Don’t give me no rain. No no no
Don’t give me no rain. I want nothing but snow
Dont give me no rain. Just gimme that snow.
Don’t give me no rain.

Do it!

[Lead guitar]

Snow —No Rain
Just gimme that snow.

I’m so obsessed that I talk about snow
All though the day, baby all throught the night
(I never stop – think – snow)
I do my squats and I push on my poles
(ski ski ski ski ski ski)
It’s snows gonna be just so right, so right

Strap on, get down, lift me, no frown
way high up in the sky
(just gimme that)
soft snow, lets go, boot tight, feels right
Down the slope we go tonight

On Top uh
Let’s Go!

No Rain – You know I’m talking about
No Rain – Coming down on me
No Rain – I don’t wanta feel it
No Rain – Just gimme that snow


Just crusin down, just crusin down the snow
Lets go



Lyrics copyright (c) by Buce Gombrelli 2005