Book Of Reason

Released on the extended version of Audiogrill – Crazy Days CD

(Originally written in 1997, recorded in 1983, remastered and released in 2005)

Composed, Performed and Produced by Bruce Gombrelli


As the season turn from rain to snow
And in your book you write another new page
Like leaving the light, to enter a cave
Your future is so you can’t see ahead

Another chapter has been finished and typed
So neatly, just stash it, stash it, stash it away

You know it goes somewhere
And with that you’ll feel much better
You’ll see everything
You’ll live will open up to you
With the sound of the book of reason

Then there’s the pend that lost all its ink
So there’s nothing left to read
They’ve got an answer for their silly lies
And the publisher always cheats
Did you read the book of wet doggie papers today?
Put it away, it all means the same

Another page has been done and typed
So – Neatly just stash it away