Acquisotic was Bruce’s Retro British Pop sound. The first release was in 2005 (That’s how dreams go) and many singles and a 3 song EP released in 2016 (Golden Relics).

Aquisotic II (released in 2012) was actually released under the Bruce Gombrelli name but was targeted to included his name more predominately.

Bruce has stopped releasing under this band name is now focused on released Retro British Pop music under his own name.


The music is always very Retro and musically interesting, The topics are typically ones of upbeat happy themes, and sometimes philosophical.

Acquisotic has 2 music video’s out, here’s one of them.

Acquisotic - That's How Dreams Go - First Release
Acquisotic – That’s How Dreams Go – First Release

The 2nd Acquisotic Release
The 2nd Acquisotic Release
3 Song EP released in 2016