1968 – Guitar and then Drums

Bruce started as a guitar player but the guitar was too big for his fingers so he switch to drums after being inspired by a marching band and the rhythm of the drummers. He took a lot of private lesson to become a young drumming prodigy.

1969-1970 – The first band

Tom Hilling and Bruce were going to be the next big thing, they even had managers, but they were only 14 and their radio station band managers where really excited and started to work with them. After what seemed to be a short period of time the managers got sidetracked leaving Tom and Bruce on two sides of the fence which torn the band apart. Tom moved away (not his choice)  and Bruce went to band camp and started playing guitar again and piano & immediately started writing some simple songs and not just lyrics.

1970 – 1972 Unlimited Power, Conference and Windowpane

The growing years. Bruce kept writing new songs, writing lyrics and poems. He continued to play drums as his main instrument with a different band situations, hung with other musicians, played concerts in the park but ultimately all the bands were just experiments. Windowpane was a reference to LSD which Bruce didn’t take he thought it was a fun band name, he ran into a guitar player that he got a lot of ideas from and moved more and more into guitar. He also started writing more piano based songs.

1974 – Young James Brown Show & Lots of writing and jamming.

Bruce toured around Florida playing gigs as a lead guitarist with an all black funk band. It ended because some of the band members didn’t like having a white guy in the band and he was getting the attention, so Bruce decided it was time to move on, but he learned a lot of funk music during this period, and was truely a funky white boy.

1975-1977 – Solo/writing period – independent artist

During these years Bruce wrote a lot of songs and worked with different other artists. Glen Hahn comes to mind along with John Lennon. He wrote songs like “Without Words” (which has been recently redone and released 2016), “Can’t Get There From Here” (Which is in the recording phase now). All the while he was recording his songs and trying to produce them. Without expensive recording gear this was a challenge, so most songs were lost on tapes when he traveled. He also submitted material to record label but had a hard time getting responses without a live backing band so I decided to move to Colorado and finish his schooling and spend time in the mountains.

1978 – The college break, Writing on a Moog Synth and Traveling to Europe

Bruce stopped by Colorado and took a winter break, mostly playing in bars and working as a DJ in the ski area. He then moved up to Montana to go to school and gave music a mini break.  All the while he continued update his poems and lyric collections while working on college studies. During these years Bruce wrote some compositions with the universities Moog Synth and wrote a complete work with it (which is on a lost tape). He also picked up the Vibes and traveled to Europe with the College Band.

1979-1982 – Kyla

The band bug hit again and Bruce met Mike Harness and started up a band. It lasted for about 3 years or so.  He recall a lot of fun times during that band and traveled all around Montana, Washington and Wyoming. Bruce was then a full time guitarist and part time keyboard player. That was when he really started to pursue playing his original material. The band went through quite a few members and ultimately partner differences broke up the band plus Bruce wanted to move on musicially.

1982- Timberline and Jammin’

Bruce worked at the music store and jammed constantly. He was always out at a club and then ended up playing in a solid country rock band in which he was simply the lead guitarist. The band kicked butt and had a good time. Bruce’s guitar work was become a local celebrity.

1982-1984 -Mirage

Mirage was a crazy band. Bruce started up this band while working at the music store. It was to be the “BIG” one. It was a hard rock band and and he played guitars, keyboards and sang lead and backing vocals.  He wrote songs for the band. They played, practiced a lot and goofed off a lot too.  The band was really starting to kick it out but they were trapped in around our area and needed to hit the road but didn’t have a good manager or the funds to run with. Bruce’s day job kept him tied to the area and paid the bills  As part of the era the partying got the best of the band, they backed up Billy Squire, lost their important jam house. Bruce wanted to go into the studio really bad and leave the club work behind. He tried to make that happen, but it stalled leaving him without a band and ready to some serious recording.

1984-1985 Recording

Bruce return to the lower states to Caribou Ranch recording studio in 1984 and started to self-produce a new album called “So Many Reasons”. He had the album about 75% complete and ran into financial issues and he decided to move to Seattle try to get more funds and finish up the recording.

1986 – Woody Carr Band

Bruce was the only guitarist in this band and we played quite a few gigs around the Seattle area, but he was disillusioned because he still felt that clubs were just a dead end street. Feeling like he was just getting a musical paycheck he finally decided to pack it in. Tired of driving a 65 dodge van and not making any serious headway into the music bus it was time to take a complete break.

1986-1997 Sabbatical

A sabbatical from music.

During these years Bruce just focused on studying electrical engineering, physics and computers. Philosophy and Science were the topics of the day and he liquidated all his equipment.

1997 – New Guitar

In 1997 Bruce bought an acoustic electric Sheridan guitar and started to record his own material on a 8 track cassette recorder. Inspired again, he quickly bought a SY22 Yamaha keyboard and a mexi bass guitar. But this time it was going to be different….he only wanted to produce his own music and he was going to do everything. His goal? Just to produce the best music he could, money was not a goal, fame and recognition not a target.

1998 – 1999 – Jamming and drums & Solo Work

Bruce was recording his own music constantly and started to Jam as a drummer. The idea was to practice all aspects of his songs so he would be really good at doing all of it. It was FUN!

2000 Jamming and Bass & Solo Work

Again Bruce decided to push his skill set and play full time bass for a band called Unresolved Externals. It was really fun too and he practiced a lot met BRENT BENNETT who he would soon write songs with.  All the while constantly recording and working on his engineering skills.

2001 – 2003 -Bruce and Brent

Bruce recorded the band (the cuts can be heard as “Nobody Notices my Life” and others. At the time some minor internal tensions drove the band apart and Brent Bennett and Brucew started to write together with Brent singing and Bruce writing, recording and producing all the music. The result was the first Audiogrill CD and later many cuts release in 2012 on the Stir Fry album.

2004 – Back to Solo

Brent faded out of the picture, moved and got married, this affected the ability to collaborate so Bruce went solo again this time went for serious vocal work, singing full time again and produce his own material from scratch to final recording.

2005 – Released my first all me CD “That’s How Dreams Go”

This was a monumental moment. Bruce released his first CD with only him on all aspects of the CD. CD’s weren’t quite dead yet and it was a partial digital release but digital wasn’t quite big yet.  The album was amazing and it put Bruce on the recording map and a serious artist.

2006-2011 Solo artist with lots of new material

These years were very busy, it found Bruce constantly recording and engaging in his new hobby of West Coast Swing dancing. He was piling up material but not releasing it.

2012 Released Acquisotic II & Stir Fry

With a strong push internally Bruce gathered up all the songs with the Retro British Pop style and all his collaboration with Brent and others and released 2 CD’s this year.,

2014 Released my first Music Video and released I Don’t Mind single

Things shifted when Bruce moved to Santa Barbara, the music studio was closed down so his production ability was limited, the beauty of these year(s) was the song I Don’t Mind followed up by his First Music Video and it was professionally produced by a producer out of LA.

2015 Released Emotion Detective and Without Words single

Another “instrumental” Release happened this year and it was another push to send out some of the instrumentals he had written over the last 7 years or so.  Much material still never got released. He also release a new British Pop Song call “Without Words” that was a remake of a song he wrote as a kid, much embellished however.

Founded Unlimited Power Records

2016 Released See The Sunshine (single), “Golden Relics” – 3 song EP and Video for See The Sunshine

He released 4 solid songs this year all in the Retro British Pop style.

2017 Released Room with a View (single)

Starting out the year with a bang he released a Brand New Retro British Pop song to a strongly growing fan base.